Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best Trip Ever - BC Road Trip 2007 Part II

To Nanaimo, Vancouver Island
Okay, so I left off where I was heading toward the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. If you don't know, when you go by yourself in a car it's about $53 one way. But this was my holiday and I wasn't going to worry about it (although a certain guy named Artie was supposed to come... ahem.) The last time I was on a ferry was back in 1988 when my high school basketball team made a trip to Victoria, but that was from a different terminal. So this was a totally new experience for me and let me tell you, my dear friends and family, it is absolutely spectacular! Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo is one awesome ride.

To Bowser
No, this is not a Sha-Na-Na Revue. Bowser is a little unincorporated hamlet about an hour North from Nanaimo just off the highway next to the East coast of Vancouver Island. And this is where my dear friends Dave and Tara and their 1 yr old son live now. You see, Dave was the drummer in my band and he is simply the best. He was the master of playing any style of rock music, on time, and with true passion. For a bassist like me, there's nothing better than playing with not only a great drummer, but a great guy, and a good friend. Tara is a loving, feisty woman who is an amazing host. We used to party a lot at their house in Edmonton. Now, she's a loving mother again and their son... well let's just say, I look forward to seeing him again. I miss them dearly. We all do. But I can't blame them for moving. It is quite the transition, but a much, much better location. I couldn't be happier for their little family on such a big lot.

Upon arrival, I got out of my car and Dave was right there with our old band beer, Lucky Lager. What a welcome! We had Tara's fantastic butter chicken for dinner (mmmm) and then Dave and I headed to the beach with a six pack and shot the shit into the twilight. Aaahhhh.

Dave was explaining that the islands out there are basically a utopia. No other way to describe it.

To Courtenay/Comox (aka Pamela Anderson's hometown)
Or so I hear. This little town is really growing. In fact, the whole island is. Booming. But ssshhh, no one is supposed to know. It's well developed, has all the typical box chain stores, but has mom-and-pop stores and a small town community feel. It is nestled amongst such beauty with coastal mountains and the inlets. The best part is that WestJet airlines flies from Edmonton to Comox Airforce Base which is next to Courtenay.

Anyway, we drove there for some excellent eggs Benny and took a tour of the area. I gotta tell ya, it's pretty awesome. We also drove up a mountain and found an abandoned ski hill with a couple lifts. It was really surreal.

But sadly and way too quickly, I had to go back to catch the 3pm ferry from Nanaimo back to Horseshoe Bay. One thing I know, I will definitely be back and will likely fly directly there. It's a definite place to consider moving to. Dave and I joked about being in a band together again and playing at local pubs in the area or being a house band at a local bar. Seriously, with a drummer this good, how can I not seriously consider it!

Okay, so that's the second leg of my trip. I have a big video of that, but it's coupled with my drive back to Vancouver, Kelowna wine country, and Vernon/Armstrong, with the final drive home to Edmonton.

Stay tuned!

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