Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Big Apple!!!

Michael Jackson died at 50 today and Farrah Fawcett died from cancer at 62. Sad. I've always liked MJ's music and he left one HUGE music legacy behind. For Farrah, I think I'm still in love with her flowing feathery blonde hair.

Well anyway, since June 22, 2009, I've been in New York! There's a few other trips I took before that, but I thought I'd blog about this exciting city while I'm here. I flew through Montreal-Trudeau and was able to get my 3 year TN-Visa. Whew.

Some of my friends didn't believe me, but I'm actually working at the United Nations, and way up on the 34th floor. Got my access pass and everything. They say there's 5000 people in the building at a time and I can attest to that. 20 minute wait to get into an elevator going down and a very busy cafeteria. So many cultures in one place. Quite amazing really.

It's my fourth night, and what I have I seen so far?

- Grand Central Station - very nice
- Yale Club (DKE Club of NY) - whoa. Posh posh posh. Shut the place down on the 165th anniversary of Delta Kappa Epsilon with several brethren after teaching them how to drink Canadian Club. Got lots of pictures and played a few pianos on each floor.
- walked around East Midtown a lot
- Grand Lodge of New York building (visited Arcana Lodge -- more on that later)

There's a million Irish pubs around here and the buildings are WAAAAAY taller than I expected.

More adventures to come!