Friday, July 18, 2008

Peter's Drive-In

Being a true blue Edmontonian and Oilers fan, I'm not a big fan of Calgary. Call me jaded. Call me loopy, but it is what it is. Besides the airport, I haven't spent any time there in 25 months. I used to go all the time. My company even has an office there. I'm even working on two projects for companies based there.

If there's one thing Cowtown has going for it, it's Peter's Drive-In. Shoebox fries. Rootbeer shakes. Greesy double patty burgers. Love it. Always a good stop for a busload of drunk skiers on the way to the mountains to recharge the batteries.

Anyway, the founder, Gus Pieters, just passed away. I hope it stays open. I love the fact that despite being asked numerous times to franchise it, he's refused. Could you imagine if there was one open in Edmonton? What would Calgary have going for it then? The Stampede? Um, yeah, it's great to see so many oil executives and politicians in cowboy get-up and yuppies who put on a hat and wait in long lines to pay $20 cover at the same shitty bars to drink $7 beer. Real

So without further adieu, I give you...