Monday, January 29, 2007

Did someone get the number of that truck?

Friday January 26
My third work week complete and I once again go to Orient Lodge for their meeting and afterward catch up with a young Mason still in college at Washburn University here in town. I find out he's also an active member of the local Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter, so although I'm not a K-Sig, but a Deke (Delta Kappa Epsilon), we had a lot in common to talk about -- parties mainly. So we go for a beer at Boss Hawgs BBQ and chat, I head home to get out of the monkey suit and met up with him at Jeremiah Bullfrogs where it was completely packed and I found out where all the women go (finally).

Saturday January 27
The next day I head out to KC to meet up with my new bud Chasmo and another Mason brother by the nickname of "The Pontiff". We prime up a bit, go for steaks once again, and head to a bar called The Roxy. I thought it must be good because The Roxy in Vancouver is my fav bar there. Well, it was a shithole as far as bars I'm used to. Nonetheless, the band took the stage and once again, the music totally kicked ass. They played quite a bit of Zeppelin, but the singer had his own twist on the style, which was really refreshing to listen to.

After talking about the differences between Canadian and American Masonry with the bros, we get into the shots, as a hot waitress kept pimping 'em to us and we simply couldn't resist. I then befriend the folks at the table next to us, buy them a round of Slippery Nipples, and have them toast "To Canada, eh!"

After buying him a drink too, the band singer comes over and we talk music, Zep, and what not. Really cool guy.

Next thing you know we're in a gas station store trying to buy more beer, but they wouldn't let us--I guess it's a law or something. Anyway, we end up at this dudes house, where he has a fully stocked bar, keggerator with Bud on tap, and ... look out ... a karaoke machine. There was a woman amongst us who hailed from Chicago, so that's what I called her after she kept beckoning me as "Hey Canada, come over here!" So I sing some ABBA, my friends get shot down, I go outside in a stupour, slip on ice, scrape my hand, and we mosy on our way back to Chasmo's where I passout, waking up the next day, and dreading, absolutely dreading the drive back to Topechka. But I made it. Sunday was a write off. Had a blast though.

Like I always say, the best way to know someone is to both get hit by a truck together.

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daisies said...

sounds like you are having a blast and i love the details, Boss Hawgs and Jeremiah Bullfrogs :)