Monday, May 7, 2007

The Frances O'Dooley's Drinking Team

So basically, since I've been back in Topechka over the past several weeks, enjoying the scenery by taking drives around the area. Kansas is a strikingly beautiful state with rolling hills, ornery trees, long white picket fence ranches, acreages galore, and excellent roads. I finally bought a Kansas band compliation CD. Being the progressive rock fan that I am, I can't believe I never owed any Kansas. Well, I'm truly impressed. So there's nothing like driven through the Kansas country-side listening to, well, Kansas!

There's a definite soul to this humble state. With the recent tornado wiping out Greensburg, a town of 1500 people, killing 12, you get a real sense of community spirit here. Kansans are very proud and the friendliest people I have ever met.

So I've been frequenting my usual hangout. Rich has been kind to let me play and I've been surprisingly well received, being that I don't have any lyrics in front of me and often find myself repeating verses. But the good-hearted Kansans don't seem to mind.

I've befriended, Adam and Laine, some of the fine folks from KSNT 27 News, the local NBC affiliate. Then there's the other members of the O'Dooley's Drinking Team and have shared a few with the other regulars--Bob, Sean, Mikey n Jenn, Todd, Rugby Mike, the other Jenny, supreme Guinness pint pouring bartenders Nate, Darren, and Amil, and our tolerant nurse, Christina. There's also the gals from the back who've got their own "Irish Friday Club", but they don't sit at the front with us. Boooo!

So, from these photos, you can see Adam, Rich, and myself jamming at the front, playing some "Don't You Know That You Are A Shooting Star".

The other day was "May the Fourth Be With You" day, and many Star Wars references were had. Rich played us some Star Wars parody songs, which brought the house down with much laughter.

I did manage to take a stroll at the nearby Shawnee Lake, Southeast of Topeka, which is dammed up. It's a nice big lake with boating, canoe rentals, parks galore, mini fishing lakes, and a golf course on one end. It reminded me a lot of back home, so it was good to just hang there.

My good friend Mike, also a brother Mason (the well dressed one seen singing on the right), came over the other day as I've turned him onto Canada's own top TV show, Trailer Park Boys. We sat and watched a couple seasons over a case of beer.


HOLY said...

OK, hello the woman don't look too shabby from this direction....and I still have perfect vision and can read the highway sign from out yonder west here....

So ummm....whass shakin', bro? Hmmmm? Or were they from out of state? :)

HOLY said...

Oops...meant women plural not singular but maybe there is a singular.

I mean, come on. Your niece is way too cute right now and she'd make an awesome flower girl. So hurry up already...hurry hard!

After yer hitched with a little missie, then I'll nag you to sweep.


hatrock said...

Hey Holy, have another Shiraz!

Curl, baby, curl!

sugar_aero said...

Come to think of it, every time I've met you it's either a rye and diet coke or Guinness...hmmm. Life must be good, and beer is God's way of saying he loves you! (At least that's what I think, Ben Franklin has a similar quote attributed to him.)