Friday, February 16, 2007

Inner Quest

I found out that there's a lodge in KC that conducts its meetings a little differently, so my bud Chasmo and I decided to check it out.

So on Valentine's Day, I drove down to KC and we visited Inner Quest lodge, who are based on the Traditional Observance (T.O.) model. But we thought the meeting was at 6:30, when it started at 6, so we were a bit late. No worries, we were allowed in at the appropriate time.

The meeting had a couple presentations, followed by some Mozart and Enya, who I both like very much.

At this time of year, there was quite a bit of snow, but I knew the little PT Cruiser I was driving, just like at home, would be able to handle it.

Afterward, we went to an excellent Chinese restaurant and I talked with a Past Grand Master of Kansas. Then I had to scoot home.

That was my first visit to a T.O. style lodge. But the experience only made me miss my own lodge back home and my brethren there.

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Jim Hunt said...

Brother we enjoyed having you that night as well.

I think a lot of people get confused a little between a standard lodge and a traditional one.

The best way I can explain it is that we try to dive a little deeper in to understanding the ritual.

I am also a member of Shawnee 54, the things you get out of the diffenent lodges are just how they effect the indivdual.

Again it was great fellowshipping with you, hope to see you again.

Bro. Jim Hunt